Daily Devotional

June 14, 2017

Never Alone

For he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. – Hebrews 13:5

 A few years ago I had to go to Las Vegas, Nevada, on a business trip. It was not a place I wanted to be. I felt like several trials hit me at once—feeling alone, in the middle of “sin city” on a Friday night, wishing I could be at home with my family. Sitting in my hotel room I was just burdened down. I needed something from God, and I called out to Him and asked Him to help me.

It was about 8:30 and I knew there was a young people’s service going on in Portland. Having worked in the Portland control room before, I knew there were phone lines for shut-ins to call and listen to the meetings over the phone, so I decided to find out if any lines were available. The guys in the control room told me there was still a line open and what number to dial. Right as I began listening, the choir was singing one of my favorite songs, “Written in Red.” What a beautiful song! It was just what I needed to hear. Then, the minister preached about a missionary trip he had just returned from. Immediately I remembered the previous year, when I had gone on a missionary trip with a group from our church. I thought about the first meeting we sat in after arriving in that country. We were halfway around the world and completely exhausted, and the Lord met us there. I was reminded that God can meet us anywhere.

The Lord knew exactly what I needed that night. I had felt so alone, but I found out I was not. He met me in my hotel room and I had a nice little time with Him, sitting with my cell phone next to my ear listening to the song and the sermon. It was like I was there at the meeting, and I realized that the Lord always has us in the hollow of His hand; He will never leave us or forsake us.

The Lord is so faithful to comfort and encourage us when we call on Him. He wants to meet our needs, and He will do it in a way that shows how much He loves us. If we will reach out to Him, He will show us that He is with us always, and we are never alone.