• Scattered Abroad

    Scattered Abroad

    JUNE 2017

    In the Apostolic Faith Church organization, circumstances such as immigration, job transfers, and schooling have resulted in a number of “house churches” springing up throughout North America in areas where there are no Apostolic Faith churches. New communities are being reached with the Latter Rain Gospel through the efforts of...

  • New Jersey Church Dedication

    New Jersey Church Dedication

    APRIL 2017

    A weekend of special meetings was held April 21-23 in Wharton, New Jersey, centering around the dedication of a new Apostolic Faith Church in that location. The schedule included evangelistic services on Friday and Sunday evenings, a morning devotional service and evening concert on Saturday, and the dedication ceremony on...

  • Dedication of New Headquarters Church in the Philippines

    Dedication of New Headquarters Church in the Philippines

    JANUARY 2017

    A new headquarters church for the Apostolic Faith work in the Philippines was dedicated in Bagong Sikat on Sunday, January 22. The original headquarters church remains on the same site as the new building; it has been renamed “The Chapel” and will now be used for small gatherings. As the...

  • New Year Update from India

    New Year Update from India

    JANUARY 2017

    The first two weeks of 2017 were a busy time for our churches in India, with special services and Vacation Bible School activities held in a number of locations.

    The New Year was welcomed with a special December 31 watchnight service at our India headquarters church in Kaikavolu. Led by Reverend...

  • West and Central Africa Strategic Outreach Efforts

    West and Central Africa Strategic Outreach Efforts

    NOVEMBER 2016

    Organized Gospel outreach into neighboring countries is a concerted focus at the headquarters of the Apostolic Faith work in West and Central Africa (WECA). Located in Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria, the headquarters staff is composed of two main management teams: one team having oversight of implementing strategies to spread the...

  • World Headquarters Groundbreaking

    World Headquarters Groundbreaking

    OCTOBER 2016

    October 8, 2016, marked a significant event for the Apostolic Faith Church—the groundbreaking for a new international headquarters office on the Portland campground. After a fire in February of 2014 severely damaged the chapel east of the tabernacle, the decision was made to rebuild the structure as a new world...