Portland News

July 7, 2017

Friday Youth Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “What a Mighty God,” followed by the choir singing “Praise His Holy Name.”

Testimonies: David Budean testified that as a backslider, God helped him to surrender his life to Him, and his desire is to go deeper in his walk with God. Matt Budean said that God saved him two years ago, and he is thankful for the family of God to encourage him in the hard times. Noah Mocan said that he and his parents searched for a soccer team where he would not have to play on Sundays, and they found a team with a Christian coach who also does not play on Sundays. Peter Ajayi testified that he discovered a month before camp meeting that his passport had expired, and he is thankful for God’s help in working it out so he could come to Portland. Ethan Downey testified that a few days prior he had not been feeling well, but after praying that he would feel better the next day, he woke up in the morning feeling fine. Amelia Arechy told how God healed her of eczema at camp meeting several years ago, and how He helped her family through a difficult time with her mom’s cancer diagnosis. Hope Emmanuel said she purchased her ticket to come to Portland camp meeting on faith even though she needed a job, and God provided her with a good job before she came. Christian Hall said that God saved him two weeks ago.

First special: A young men’s group from Sacramento sang “Where Could I Go?”

Last special: Victoria Worthington sang “Give Me Jesus.”

Sermon: Deivys Pichardo, pastor of the Maquiteria church in the Dominican Republic, preached in Spanish as Elvido Ortiz, a minister at our Spanish-speaking church in the Bronx, New York, interpreted (pictured above). He took his text from Daniel 3:16-18, and encouraged the young people to stand for what they believe in during these trying times, just as Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego did.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.