Portland News

June 11, 2017

Sunday Evening Service

Prelude: The brass played “Promise Medley.” After this, the choir sang “When He Calls I’ll Fly Away.”

Featured Testimonies: Irina Fedosov was thankful for the change God made in her life when He saved her even though she was just a young child. Ellen Morgan shared how the Lord saved her at the age of nineteen at Midwest camp meeting, sanctified her later that fall, and the next spring at special meetings in Denver, Colorado, He baptized her. Ashley Morgan said she had recently lost a few small things that had value to her, so she prayed and the Lord showed her where they were, as well as something else she didn’t even realize she had lost. Caitlyn Morgan told how she had a nightmare a few weeks ago and couldn’t get rid of the terror to get back to sleep, but finally prayed in Jesus’ Name and pleaded the Blood, and the fear left.

First Special: A ladies’ sextet sang “This Is the Time I Must Sing.”

Last Special: Victoria Worthington (pictured above) sang “Lord, Here Am I.”

Sermon: Preaching from Matthew 22:1-14, Dwight Baltzell echoed a statement from the past, “This life is merely a dressing room for eternity,” and spoke of the importance of using God’s “dressing room” (time in prayer) to prepare for Heaven.

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