Portland News

July 4, 2017

Tuesday Bible Teaching

Prelude: Emmaline Worthington played an oboe solo of “Here I Am to Worship” and “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High.” A combined branch church choir then sang “Our Only Hope.”

Featured Testimonies: John Jordan shared how the Lord saved him at camp meeting, on July 13, 1982. Tim Hammer said he was saved almost three years ago at home, and received his sanctification while lying in bed one night. Kimberly Joseph (pictured above) told how her little girl was very sick before camp meeting, in the hospital with a fever of 105, but many people prayed and two days later she was completely well. Jeremy Heintz mentioned that he has had to make some difficult decisions lately, but he knows if you keep your hand in God’s, He will keep His hand in yours.

First Special: A Worthington quartet sang “Mansion Over the Hilltop.”

Last Special: Michael McCarville sang “Wonderful Peace,” accompanied by the strings.

Sermon: John Baros, pastor in Roseburg, Oregon, used Genesis 32:24, 28 to begin his teaching on how to successfully prevail in prayer, and encouraged the congregation to determine to endure on their knees until they receive power from on High.

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