Portland News

June 13, 2017

Tuesday Evening Service

Prelude: Amanda Riler (pictured above) played “Sonata No. 1” by Vivaldi and “It Is Well” on the bass viol. A Fedosov ladies’ quartet then sang “This Little Light of Mine.”

Featured Testimonies: Gary Riler was thankful God called after his heart and helped him pray through to salvation and gave him a victorious life. Verna King remembered the day before the church dedication service in Langley, BC, Canada, how the Lord provided for their need for lights in the church, and their installation also provided work for someone who had been praying for work. John Musgrave told of his recent trip to Romania, during which he visited our first church in Sampetru-German. The congregation included many young people, and he rejoices that the Gospel continues to move forward there. Cheryl Downey was in Seattle last Sunday, and after the service her youngest granddaughter took her hand and went to the altar to pray with her. Sister Cheryl said she feels she is reaping benefits of the decisions she made to serve the Lord, marry a Christian man, and raise their children in the Gospel.

First Special: The choir sang “The Old Fashioned Way.”

Last Special: Butch Carey sang “Had It Not Been.”

Sermon: Norman Hall preached from Matthew 11:28, and encouraged his listeners to cast all their burdens and cares on Jesus, who will give them rest.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.