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June 23, 2017

Philippines Youth Camp

The 2017 Philippines youth camp was held May 29 through June 2 at the Bagong Sikat headquarters church. The theme was “Take Wisdom: Fear God, Be Wise, Live Accountably.” The 151 campers were divided into ten groups and occupied sleeping quarters in the wings of the new church building.

The youth camp began with an opening session, during which the campers’ anticipation was expressed. The session ended with a torch lighting processional (pictured above) led by Jed Torres to formally start the camp.

The second day began with a Greek marathon led by Brother Jed. The runners carried torches, and the goal was to finish the race without putting out the flame. After the race, Brother Jed gave an inspiring talk to the young people. The next activity was “Team Building” led by Guadalupe and Emman Miranda, and a group from our Bulacan branch church. The purpose was to create a stronger bond within each group, and to develop skills such as communication, speech, and understanding. Afterward, three “power talks” were given by Sister Guadalupe and Stanley Bautista to encourage the young people to be aware of their surroundings and be better citizens.

In the afternoon, Brother Stanley gave a Bible study titled “The Life of Solomon: The Wise King,” during which he incorporated a short quiz to test the audience’s knowledge. The last event of the day was an evangelistic service. The orchestra from Bagong Sikat led the music, and several shared their testimonies. The sermon was given by Fernan Fiegalan, and the prayer meeting that followed was wonderful, with several receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday began with a morning devotional given by Rey Gapuz, followed by a Bible study presented by Faith Tadeo titled “Prosperity and Possession.” The afternoon activity was called “Minute to Win It” led by Harold Landingin, consisting of several games and challenges to be finished within a minute. Competitiveness was evident, and continued into a presentation where the campers displayed their greatest talents and skills, which proved to be a source of great entertainment.

On Thursday, the morning devotion was delivered by Joseph Ruiz. The concluding Bible study was given by Ella Paraga, and was titled “Man’s Accountability to God—in Thoughts, Speech, and Deeds.” The attendees were separated into groups and given a package of candies. Additional candies were given when they answered a question. The anticipated “Amazing Race,” under the leadership of Brother Joseph and his wife, Genevieve, was held in the afternoon. Although it was rainy, the young people were not hindered from finishing the race. That evening, an event called “Reflections: a Night of Music, Scriptures, and Testimonies” was held, with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit once again being felt throughout the congregation.

The last day consisted of the closing program and giving out awards. It was a time for the winning groups to celebrate their victories, and to officially end the camp. The young people were given the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in the afternoon at Taramindos Resort. During their time in the swimming pool, a unanimous decision was made—hold a water baptismal service for those who were saved during camp. Ten young people were water baptized, a thrilling end to a fantastic camp.

The youth camp was a blessing to all who attended, with the best part being the Lord’s blessings evidenced by the souls who were saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

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Philippines Youth Camp