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June 5, 2017

Three New Churches in Romania

From the Superintendent's DESK

John Musgrave, Director of Romania Work, left for Bucharest on Tuesday. Since his arrival, he has been traveling with Gheorghei Macovei and Ted Bora, the Eastern and Western Romania District Superintendents respectively, participating in church services and making home visits.

On Wednesday, they enjoyed an evening service at our Bucharest church where Brother Gheorghei is the pastor. At this location, the congregation is anticipating the completion of a new church building later this year.

The team made several home visits Thursday afternoon in Coroteni, a newer outreach area about ten miles north of our church in Rimnicu Sarat. Twice a week one of the ministers from the Rimnicu Sarat church visits to hold meetings.

A church is being built in Coroteni, and our team participated in an evening service in the unfinished building. Brother John said the sanctuary had a capacity of about thirty, and by the end of the two-and-a-half-hour service it was more than filled. He counted forty-seven inside and several more standing outside. Many in attendance were in need of salvation, so he was happy to see that everyone stayed to pray.

A service was held Friday evening at the Rimnicu Sarat church pastored by Crivisiu Ionel. Around one hundred attended, and there was a good response to the altar call afterward.

The team traveled to northeast Romania on Saturday to spend several days in the small towns neighboring the city of Pascani. This is an area our missionaries have been visiting for the past three years. In the town of Baia, a church building (pictured above) was recently donated, and the first service was held in it on Saturday evening with about forty in attendance. The next day, a water baptismal service was held at another location near Pascani, and three candidates were baptized.

Brother John will continue his visit to the saints in Romania through Friday. Please pray for the expanding work there.

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